Equipment packages for cold rooms and beer cellars

KD Scroll condensing unitsJune 2012

Thermofrost Cryo are now offering complete packages of equipment for cold rooms and beer cellars, enabling equipment to be quickly and easily selected, costed and ordered.

The cold room packages cover four applications: vegetable and provisons rooms at +4C, chill rooms at -2C, freezer rooms at -18C, and freezer rooms at -23C. The cellar packages cover both below ground and above ground beer cellars at +10C. By reading off a given cold room or cellar volume from the appropriate selection table, a complete pre-selected equipment package is easily chosen and ordered using a single order code.

Equipment packages are based upon a KD packaged low noise condensing unit matched to a Univap evaporator, with the option of a Cellartemp evaporator for beer cellars. The packages also include a control panel with digital display, expansion valve, and liquid line solenoid valve. The KD condensing unit is pre-fitted with condenser fan speed control, liquid receiver, drier, sight glass, HP/LP pressure switch, mains isolator and compressor contactor.

Complete details of these packages are available from our offices or can be downloaded using the link below.

Cold room and beer cellar equipment packages literature

For an even wider selection of equipment for cold rooms and beer cellars, our Quick Selection Guide provides equipment selections using Maneurop, Cubigel, FrigorAfen, Fusion and KD condensing units matched with Univap, Kuba and Cellartemp evaporators in an easy to read document. In total the QS Guide provides 21 selection tables for cold rooms and 12 tables for beer cellars, providing a wide choice and variety of equipment. The QS Guide is available on request from our offices or can be downloaded using the link below.

Quick Selection Guide

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