GREENtech energy saving products

June 2013

With energy saving now high on the agenda for many users of refrigeration and air conditioning, Thermofrost Cryo have launched their GREENtech initiative to highlight energy efficient products from their range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and controls.

Featuring the products of leading manufacturers from across the world, the GREENtech intititive suggests ways in which the energy consumption of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems can be reduced. For example, by using inverter driven condensing units or installing inverters on an existing systems, utilising electronic expansion valves, deploying night setback on display cases, compressor rack optimisation, and system optimisation using a smart supervisory system. High efficiency evaporators can also produce significant savings on all refrigeration systems, as can an automatic purger when fitted to a system that uses ammonia as a refrigerant.

Inverter driven air conditioning systems can deliver very high seasonal coefficients of performance, with a SCOP of over 5 possible in some cases. Fitting ventilation heat exchangers allows heat to be recovered from air that is being expelled into the outside, whilst air to water heat pumps provides hot water for both washing and heating.

And all larger refrigeration and air conditioning systems can benefit from gas detection systems to provide early warning of refrigerant leaks, which cause systems to run inefficiently if not detected.

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