KD Scroll unit duties for R407F, R134a and R407A

August 2014

Duties are now available for the KD Scroll range of low noise packaged refrigeration condensing units when using refrigerants R407F, R134a or R407A.

R407F is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to R404A because of its lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). The GWP of R407F is 1824, compared to 3900 for R404A and 4000 for R507. Duties for both medium temperature and low temperature applications are now available for all KD Scroll models except the smallest 1PAL015M1.

R134a, with a GWP of 1300, is also becoming popular again for medium temperature applications, and duties are also available for this refrigerant, for all the models of KD Scroll.

For a limited number of KD Scroll units, provisional duties are also available for refrigerant R407A, which has a GWP of 2107.

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