LG introduces new generation VRF systems

December 2013

LG has announced an advanced, new generation Multi V IV VRF solution which delivers superior performance alongside industry leading energy efficiency, and reduced running costs.

The Multi V IV is equipped with four of LG’s proprietary technologies, and a convenient new feature, smart control, which allows the user to monitor and adjust settings remotely. The proprietary technologies consist of the compressor, the heat exchanger, the oil and the refrigerant.

These developments are a result of major investment by LG after extensive research with end users, specifiers and installers about their needs and the demand for efficiencies and integration into modern ‘smart’ Building Management Systems (BMS). The new, global, technologies were designed and built by LG’s Academy of Excellence at the company’s extensive research and development facilities based in South Korea.

Says Nick Ryman, General Manager – Sales, LG Electronics UK, “The true fourth generation VRF system, Multi V IV offers the customer unparalleled energy efficiency via four of our own innovative technologies.

“The Multi V IV is able to boast an impressive energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 4.85. Our High Pressure Oil Return (HiPORTM) system effectively resolves the issue of compressor energy wastage. This industry-leading product provides excellent operational savings and greater convenience to our customers.”

LG’s Multi V IV’s 4.85 EER is one of the highest in the world for a VRF system. As it effectively minimises energy loss under partial load conditions, the Multi V IV is able to offer a 30 per cent improvement in integrated energy efficiency.

Thanks largely to the implementation of LG’s own patented HiPOR technology the Multi V IV’s coefficient of performance (COP) in heating operation has been boosted by 6.7 per cent and in cooling operation by 5.4 per cent. HiPOR, in conjunction with vapour injection, now offers 2 per cent improvement in energy efficiency over the previous third generation model.

The new Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit intelligently selects the optimal paths for heating and cooling, contributing a 15 per cent improvement to integrated energy efficiency.

The third component, LG’s Active Refrigerant Control automatically regulates the amount of circulating refrigerant (per cycle) in five-step increments, leading to a 3 per cent gain in efficiency.

Finally, Smart Oil Return monitors oil volume in real time, adjusting levels only when needed, thereby eliminating a major cause of energy wastage.

In addition to energy efficiencies, the Multi V IV also has outstanding performance capabilities. Firstly, the unit’s cooling operational range has been expanded from -5°C to -10°C, providing an ideal solution for spaces that require colder conditions year-round.

LG’s latest inverter technology produces extremely fast heating and cooling that is 64 per cent faster than the previous model while, the partial defrost function reduces defrosting times, improving heating capacity by as much as 27 per cent in the cold winter months. Another intelligent energy-saving technology, LG’s advanced Snowdrift Detection system turns on the outdoor unit’s fan to remove snow build-up only when necessary.

The Multi V IV also provides enhanced functions and features for greater convenience. For example, the smart control system allows users to remotely monitor and adjust settings via an easily installed smart phone application. The system also supports piping up to an industry leading 1,000m in length, while a lighter outdoor unit makes installation easier and more cost effective.

LG Air Conditioning products are available in the UK from Thermofrost Cryo Plc.

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