New liquid level sensor

December 2013

HB Products of Denmark have introduced a new capacitive sensor for the level measurement of refrigerants in industrial refrigeration systems.

The new HBLT-WIRE can be adjusted in length on site to suit the application, as it is supplied with a 4000 mm sensor element which can be cut to length, down to 300 mm minimum. After cutting to length, the sensor is then re-calibrated for the new length in just 5 minutes using the free software tool. Or if more convenient, this can be done by HB Products or Thermofrost Cryo prior to shipping.

As well as being suitable for static installations, the sensor is also suitable for marine use. Traditionally, a wire solution was not recommended for these, but because the wire is coated in Teflon, there is no risk of the reading being affected by contact with the wall of the tank or stand-pipe in rough seas.

The HBLT-WIRE sensor has an output signal of 4-20 mA, which is proportional from 0 to 100% of the level of liquid in the vessel. It can be used as a level sensor, or as a combined level sensor and direct P-regulator for modulating valves, for example for level regulation in a chiller or plate heat exchanger. An alarm output is available in the range from 10% to 100%, and the sensor is suitable for ammonia and HFC refrigerants.

HB Products are available in the UK and Ireland from Thermofrost Cryo Plc.

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